What is the difference between ColoDan and other colostrum products?


ColoDan Colostrum differs from other colostrum products in several ways.


ColoDan Colostrum is a 100% Danish product as all milk used to manufacture ColoDan comes from Danish cows  and the colostrum is handled at Biodane Pharma’s own Danish dairy. The milk undergoes thorough testing to ensure that each batch of ColoDan has the same high quality with a high content of proteins and a natural content of immunoglobulin I (IgG). All deliveries are controlled to be guaranteed free from antibiotic residues. 


The composition of ColoDan Colostrum matches the natural composition of colostrum – nothing added, nothing removed, except for water. Most other colostrum producers typically remove fat and add carbohydrates and other additives. Colodan Colostrum is produced with a special and patented cautious technique to secure the conservation of the milk matrix and the bioactive factors.