ColoDan Colostrum

ColoDan®  is 100% Danish colostrum (raw milk) – nothing added and nothing removed, except water. A delicious natural diet supplement. 

ColoDan® – colostrum just like nature provided it!

ColoDan Colostrum


ColoDan® colostrum - nature’s own elixir of life

Colostrum is the very first milk provided by the mother to all newborn mammals and constitute their very first meal. The role of colostrum as first nourishment has been known for years. In many cultures, colostrum possess a special status, and has been served to children and elderly in fluid form or in special dishes for thousands of years. Today colostrum industries are turning colostrum into powder, to make it easy to incorporate in the daily routine. 


When you choose ColoDan® Whole Colostrum you get 100% Danish colostrum with nothing added and nothing removed – except water. If you choose ColoDan® Colostrum Mocha or Vanilla, you get 100% Danish colostrum with a delicate taste of mocha or vanilla. 



ColoDan® is a registered trademark