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Psyllium husks are rich in fibres and may help you to a regular digestion, help to control and lower cholesterol.

SylliFlor® are crispy, tasty and fiber-rich psyllium husks. Excluding the Plain variant, taste has been added to these psyllium husk food supplements for a delicious flavor.

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Why eat psyllium husks?
Psyllium husks are quite an interesting food due to the high content of dietary fibres that benefit the digestion system.

When taken with liquid, psyllium husks create a jelly-like mass in the intestines that provide fullness in the stomach and the gut, stimulates the bowel movements, and helps to create a smooth and regular passing of stools. The psyllium husks also form a vegetarian mucilage that oils the gut. Besides all these physiological effects, the fibres in psyllium husks also help in lowering cholesterol.

In other words – psyllium husks contribute to make the gut thrive.

How do psyllium husks work?
Due to their high content of fibres, psyllium husks may suck up to 40 times their own weight when mixed with water or any other liquid. In the gut, they suck up water both from the meal and from the gut itself thus help create a smooth consistency around the gut environment. It is always important to take psyllium husks with plenty of water. 

Who may benefit from taking psyllium husks?
Everybody. Psyllium husks are gluten free and sugar free. 
Psyllium husks are especially for persons with a troubled gut. 

Official nutritional advices about fibres
Daily intake of dietary fibres is health beneficial and may have a regulating effect on the gut. The official nutritional advice from the Danish National Board of Health states that women should ingest 25 g of dietary fibres daily, while men should ingest 31.5 g of dietary fibres daily. Unfortunately, people tend to ingest too few dietary fibres. It is possible to eat food supplement with high levels of water-soluble dietary fibres, e.g. psyllium husks.

Dietary fibres
Dietary fibre is the indigestible portion of food derived from plants, e.g. grains, fruit and vegetables. Dietary fibers differ from the regular carbohydrates in the food by being indigestible to the digestion enzymes in the small intestine, thus reaching the colon relatively undigested, where they are digested by the present microbiota.



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