SylliFlor psyllium husks

SylliFlor® are delicious crispy psyllium husks that are not sticky. These coated psyllium husks are excellent and tasty when sprinkled on food.

SylliFlor® – tasty fibres from psyllium husk!

SylliFlor psyllium husks


SylliFlor® psyllium husks – the small big heroes

Psyllium husks are big heroes when it comes to effortless digestion. The gut regulating effect of psyllium husks was known for years. With a new and better taste and consistency, the hunger for psyllium husk on daily basis is enhanced and makes it easier to get the optimal outcome.

When you choose the tasty variants of SylliFlor you choose a versatile product that may be ingested in a many ways. You can eat SylliFlor psyllium husks as a crisp sprinkle on your lunch, mixed in water or juice, in a smoothie – or directly with a spoon and washed down with water.



SylliFlor® is patented

SylliFlor® is a registered trademark