SylliFlor® psyllium husks

SylliFlor® is delicious crispy psyllium husks that do not get sticky in your mouth! Instead, these coated psyllium husks provide you with a tasty crunchy sprinkle.


SylliFlor® – tasty high fibres from psyllium husks!

SylliFlor<sup>®</sup> psyllium husks
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SylliFlor® psyllium husks

SylliFlor® is a unique dietary fibre supplement on the European market. It is the only product with coated psyllium husks. A crunchy and tasty product with gluten free fibres. This allows you to get your daily fibres without compromising on taste or texture.


SylliFlor® psyllium husks come as Plain (no taste added) and with different flavours (Malt, Vanilla, and Apple and Cinnamon).


SylliFlor® psyllium husks also exist as two special products: Calcium (psyllium husks and calcium) and Colostrum (psyllium husks with colostrum/first milk).


Coated psyllium husks

Coated means that every single husk has a thin protective layer around it to prevent it from immediately binding water, swelling up and getting sticky. The coating thus stops the SylliFlor® psyllium husks from absorbing water, or any other liquid, and getting sticky the moment it gets in touch with it.


The coating dissolves after some time and the husks in SylliFlor® start to swell, but it takes several minutes leaving plenty of time to enjoy the meal. The coating is actually just a kind of delay securing that SylliFlor® psyllium husks do not get sticky in the mouth, while keeping the full effect in the gut.


A benefit from the coating is that SylliFlor® is a crisp and crunchy sprinkle. A good way to picture the crunchy consistency is thus to think of roasted psyllium husks.


Alternative to plain psyllium husks or psyllium husks in capsules or as tablets

Coated psyllium husks are the perfect alternative to plain psyllium husks, psyllium husks in capsules or psyllium husks as tablets. The taste and consistency are so much better! It is a completely different experience to eat SylliFlor® as they are crispy, crunchy, and tasty and do not get sticky in the mouth. All the while giving the full effect in the stomach and gut.


SylliFlor® psyllium husks are also much often a cheaper alternative.


Eat, drink and sprinkle

Due to their crispy consistency and the delayed capacity for water-absorption, SylliFlor® psyllium husks are easy to eat and can be consumed in multiple ways.


As unique feature of the psyllium husk product, SylliFlor® may be eaten directly from the tub with a spoon and washed down with water, or whatever liquid you prefer. They still do not get sticky in the mouth. In this way, you can easily taste the different delicious flavours, whether it is the sweet vanilla, warm malt or pleasant taste of apple and cinnamon.


SylliFlor® psyllium husks may also be used as crisp sprinkle on e.g. yoghurt, oatmeal or included in your favourite muesli, crunch or the like. The possibilities are countless, and it is easy to include SylliFlor® in your daily routines.


A third option is to stir SylliFlor® in a glass of water (or whatever you prefer to drink) and simply just drink it. You may also use SylliFlor® in your smoothie, where it adds both texture and fibres.


Of course, you can also easily use SylliFlor® as an ingredient when baking and cooking when you wish to add fibres and give your dish an extra something.


SylliFlor® is gluten free

All SylliFlor® products are guaranteed gluten free. Psyllium husks are gluten free by nature, and none of the other ingredients contain gluten in detectable amounts (<5mg/kg), not even our malt extract.


Recommended daily dose

The recommended daily dose of SylliFlor® psyllium husks for adults and children above 12 years is 6 g (2 large teaspoons) 1-3 times daily. How much SylliFlor® you need to ingest in order to get the full effect from the fibres is very individual. It is recommended to start with half the recommended daily dose, and then gradually increase the daily intake until the wanted effect occurs.


When you increase your daily intake of fibres, you may experience some adverse effects such as increased gas production, slight bloating and a mild stomach discomfort. Any adverse effects will disappear after just a few days of use.


SylliFlor® in special situations

Psyllium husks decrease the transit time in the gut, which may affect the absorption of medications. Therefore, do not take SylliFlor® together with medicine, but at least 1 hour before or 2 hours after.


This is especially important for medications for the metabolism and iron supply (e.g. folic acid). Try eating SylliFlor® in the morning and then take folic acid and iron later in the day or in the evening. Consult your doctor, if you are taking medications.


Pregnant and breastfeeding women can easily use SylliFlor® as the psyllium husks only have an effect on their own digestion. Actually, indigestion is a common problem for many pregnant women taking iron, and in these cases, we recommend a supplement of psyllium husks for digestion regulation purposes.


One dose of SylliFlor® contains such a small amount of carbohydrates (sugar and resistant starch) that it does not affect the blood sugar. If you wish to eliminate sugar from your diet, we suggest you take SylliFlor® Plain.


A very special technology

Biodane Pharma uses a very special, patented technology to create the crispy tasty psyllium husks in SylliFlor®. We have developed the technology ourselves. This means that our products with SylliFlor® psyllium husks are always of the highest standard.


Psyllium husks – in short

Psyllium husks are a concentrated source of dietary fibres and are used both as fiber-rich ingredient in cooking, baking, and as dietary supplement with fibres. Dietary fibres help to stabilize and regulate the digestion and stabilize the blood sugar.



Always remember to drink plenty when eating psyllium husks.

Dietary supplements should never be used as a substitute for a varied diet.



SylliFlor® is patented

SylliFlor® is a registered trademark