About us

Vision and values

International research is increasingly revealing that   the gastrointestinal system plays a significant role in human general health. This research documents the importance of  a versatile nutrition and recognizes that supplements can be an important source of supplementation. 
It is the company’s vision to work with supplements that can fulfill this ambition. We want to achieve this by participating in research as the basis for the composition of our products, including developing production processes that can further optimize the ingredients.

The focus will be on areas where we can make a difference in the international context. 
We will do this by being an attractive workplace for clever and competent employees, who will contribute and share in our vision.


BIODANE PHARMA A/S belongs to the BIODAN GROUP, which comprises the following two companies:



BIODANE PHARMA A/S develops, markets and sells food supplements for the regulation, stimulation and protection of the gastrointestinal function. We focus on psyllium husks and colostrum. The company’s products are supplied to Danish hospitals, and is marketed in Denmark at pharmacies, in health shops and through our own webshop.





BIOFIBER-DAMINO A/S develops and produces “non-medicated” products for dietetic treatment for calves and piglets. The company is one of the leading suppliers in Europe. Read more on www.damino.com.