What is Psyllium husks?

Psyllium husks, also known as Plantago ovata, are small shells that have a significant impact. They are a natural product with clinically documented effectiveness as a means of regulating digestion.

Psyllium husks are the outer shells that sit on the seeds of the Plantago ovata plant, which is part of the Plantain family. The plant originally comes from India and is primarily cultivated today in northwestern India and Pakistan, where it thrives in cool, dry weather and in drained sandy soil.

The psyllium husks are very small and lightweight but contain up to 85% fiber, and 55% soluble fiber. The fibers are water-soluble and are highly effective at binding liquid – up to 40 times their own weight. It is the high content of fiber and the water-binding effect that provides the psyllium husks’ regulatory effect on the intestines.

Plantago ovata is also known as psyllium or ispaghula, and in English, psyllium husks are referred to as psyllium husks.