What is colostrum?

Colostrum is a 100% natural product. It’s the first milk produced by all mammals, including humans, after giving birth. Colostrum is, by nature, produced to nourish and strengthen the newborn mammal and support the newborn’s immune system from birth. Colostrum provides important substances that protect the gut and help to activate the immune system of the newborn. 


Today we know that bovine colostrum is essentially bioidentical to human colostrum. A cow produces more colostrum than the newborn calf needs. Therefore, it is possible to utilize the surplus colostrum for dietary supplements for human use. Bovine colostrum has a high nutritional value and is rich in natural, bioactive substances, including immunoglobulins, growth factors, peptides, and protein essential for the calf’s growth and immune system development. 


Biodane Pharma has a close collaboration with the dairy farmers supplying the colostrum for the manufacturing of ColoDan Colostrum. All suppliers follow current recommendations that the calf gets the necessary colostrum before using the surplus amount in our production. Biodane Pharma thus only receives any surplus colostrum available after the calf has received its share part.