May I take SylliFlor if have diabetes?


One dose of SylliFlor contains such a small amount of carbohydrates (sugar and maltodextrin) that it does not affect the blood sugar. If you wish to eliminate sugar from your diet, we suggest you take SylliFlor Plain.

The exact nutritional values for the different types of SylliFlor is found in the table below. 


Product Carbohydrates per dose (6 g)  - of which sugars
SylliFlor Plain 0.1 g 0.0 g
SylliFlor Vanilla 1.2 g 1.1 g
SylliFlor Malt 1.3 g 1.0 g
SylliFlor Apple and Cinnamon 1.3 g 1.2 g
SylliFlor Calcium 1.5 g (dose is 10 g) 1.4 g (dose is 10 g)
SylliFlor Colostrum 2.0 g (dose is 9 g) 1.9 g (dose is 9 g)












Diabetics are recommended to follow the general dietary guidelines, including recommendations to eat sufficient dietary fibres.

Water-soluble dietary fibres in particular (see How do psyllium husks work?) may delay the absorption of other carbohydrates in the small intestine and thus help to stabilise the blood sugar.