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Why fibres are important in you diet

According to recent studies, the fibre content in many adults’ diets has been found to lie below the recommended amount of 25 – 35 grams daily.

SylliFlor is a food supplement with a naturally high fibre content. It can easily be added to your diet, if your fibre intake is insufficient.

Fibres are an important part of any diet due to their useful qualities such as:
• may protect against some types of cancer
• may protect against heart diseases
• may protect against diabetes
• may protect against constipation
• may protect against hypertension
• may protect against haemorrhoids
• filling the stomach and intestines, so the appetite is regulated
• delaying the absorption of fats and sugar
• contributing to a stable blood glucose level

Dietary fibres are not digestible and pass through the gut without a great deal of calories. Diets used for weight control often cut down carbohydrates and the intake of fibres is inevitably reduced. In this case, a fibre supplement may be recommended.

SylliFlor is a registered trademark.
Patent pending.

The Danish Cancer Society: “Fuldkorn giver længere liv” (Wholegrain prolongs your life)
The Danish Cancer Society: ”Årsager til tyktarmskræft” (The cause of colon cancer) Lisa Bolting: ”Bliv klog på de gode fibre” (Get to know the good fibres) ”Kostfibre” (Dietary fibres)

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