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What is colostrum?

Bovine Colostrum is the first milk the cow produces after calving. This milk has a high nutrient content as well as a multitude of bioactive substances.
A vital survival kit
Colostrum acts as a vital survival kit for the newborn calf. Contrary to the human child, a calf is born without an immune defence system and requires additional immune substances and antimicrobial substances in the first hours after birth. Colostrum has a high content of both micro- and macro-nutrients, as well as growth factors. This highly concentrated source of nutrients contains a great number of active substances (immunoglobulins represent the largest group). These substances protect the calf against infections, promote growth and mature the immune defence system in the stomach and intestines.

Colostrum for nutritional use and for building up muscle tissue
Colostrum has a naturally high content of protein. Especially ½ to 1 hour after moderate to intense training, the muscles are extra susceptible to the absorption of protein and other nutrients. Therefore, colostrum can be used in connection with training as part of a varied diet and active lifestyle. Colostrum may thus enhance perseverance and recovery after sports, intensive training and bodybuilding.

Colostrum’s content of bioactive substances.
Colostrum contains a wide range of bioactive substances and studies have shown these are not species-specific and may be beneficial to humans. Research is being conducted into the use of colostrum for a number of health benefits, most of which focus on gut health and immunity.

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