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Psyllium husks with calcium

A fibre-rich, crisp and tasty dietary supplement, based on fleaseed husks (psyllium husks) with added calcium. The combination gives a bowel-regulating product with a mineral supplement and a neutralizing effect.
Info about fleaseed husks with calcium

After the launch of SylliFlor® - a tasty dietary supplement, made of fibrous husks (psyllium husks) - Biodane Pharma created SylliFlor Calcium with added calcium and is now available at pharmacies and health food stores.

1 dose of SylliFlor Calcium (10 g) contains 560 mg of calcium, which represents 70 % of the recommended daily intake.

Biofiber Damino have used a patented coating and spray drying process to eliminate the ‘chalk taste’ of calcium and make for easier ingestion.

Sources :
Treatment of Chronic Diarrhoes: Loperamide versus Isphaghula Husk and Calcium. Scandinavian Journal of Gastroenterology 1988.

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