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SylliFlor - an alternative to Psyllium husks in capsules or tablets

Psyllium husks have many benefits, especially in regulating bowel movements; they bind more than 40 times their own weight in water. Unfortunately, the result of this impressive water-binding capacity is a sticky texture, which is unpleasant for some consumers. While the fibres can be taken in capsules, this is often a very expensive solution.
SylliFlor is an alternative to fibres in capsules or tablets. The Psyllium husks in SylliFlor are coated with a thin layer of carbohydrates, coconut oil and flavourings. The carbohydrates create a crispy layer around the husks, and the coconut oil delays the swelling in water. The result is a sweet, crispy product with the same beneficial effect. This technology has now been patented.

How do I take SylliFlor?
SylliFlor can be dissolved in water, juice or other liquid, be used as a topping on fermented milk products, or taken on its own.

Psyllium husks are available in five variants: Plain, Malt, Vanilla, Calcium and Apple & Cinnamon.

SylliFlor is a registered trademark.
Patent pending.

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