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ColoDan Whole Colostrum 250 g
ColoDan Whole Colostrum 250 g
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ColoDan Whole Colostrum 250 g

Colostrum powder with a naturally high protein content.

ColoDan Whole Colostrum is a food supplement for athletes made of colostrum (first milk) from Danish cows.

100% colostrum, 100% pure, 100% Danish
ColoDan Whole Colostrum differs from other colostrum products by having a composition equal to the natural composition of the original colostrum. The product contains 100% colostrum – nothing is added, nothing is removed, apart from moisture. 

ColoDan Whole Colostrum is produced from Danish colostrum of the 1st and 2nd milkings (not later than 24 hours after calving), when the content of immunoglobulins and growth factors is at its highest. The product is processed in a very gentle manner in order to best preserve the natural content of the colostrum’s bioactive substances.

How to use ColoDan Whole Colostrum
ColoDan Whole Colostrum is used as a food supplement in connection with moderate to hard physical training and as part of a varied diet in an active and healthy life-style. ColoDan Whole Colostrum as a naturally high protein content (47%), which helps to increase the muscle mass.

It can be an advantage to take ColoDan Whole Colostrum immediately after training, when the muscles are more receptive to nutrient intake.

The product is mixed 1:10 (10 g in 1 dl) with for instance; water, milk, cocoa, buttermilk, or any preferred liquid. It is best soluble when shaken in a shaker. It can also be mixed with yoghurt or similar products.
Nutritional value:
Per 100 g Per dose (10 g)
Energy 2000 kJ / 480 kcal 200 kJ / 50 kcal
Protein 47 g 4,7 g
18 g 1,8 g
Fat 24 g 2,4 g

Recommended daily dosage
Adults: 2 tablespoons (10 g) daily.

ColoDan is a registered trademark in Denmark.
ColoDan is covered by Patent No. PCT-EP 1931216.

It is the goal of Biodane Pharma to participate actively in research projects, which may provide documentation for the health promoting effects of colostrum.

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