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What is the difference between SylliFlor and other Psyllium husks?

The major differences between SylliFlor and other Psyllium husk products: SylliFlor is crisp, mixes readily with water, thickens slowly, it is tasty and not sticky in the mouth. SylliFlor is available in five variants: Vanilla, Malt, Apple & Cinnamon, Plain, and Calcium.

SylliFlor products undergo a manufacturing process that includes a patented technology, which provides the Psyllium husks with a very thin coating of carbohydrates, coconut oil, and flavouring ingredients. The carbohydrates form a crispy layer around the husks, while the coconut oil delays the swelling of the husks in liquid and carries the flavouring. This special technology makes SylliFlor tasty and crispy, and it ensures that the product is NOT sticky in the mouth.

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