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What is the difference between ColoDan and other colostrum products?

ColoDan differs in several areas. It is a unique and 100% Danish product – all milk used to manufacture ColoDan comes from carefully sourced cows in Denmark. The milk undergoes thorough testing to ensure that each batch of ColoDan has the same high quality and is free of antibiotic residues. If we find antibiotic residues in the raw milk from the dairy farmer, we discard the milk, thus guaranteeing the consumers the best and purest colostrum powder.

The composition of ColoDan matches the natural composition of colostrum – nothing added, nothing removed, except for water. Most other colostrum producers typically remove fat and add carbohydrates and other additives.

ColoDan also differs from other colostrum products in that Biodane Pharma supplies the product to leading researchers studying the health benefits of colostrum (read more here). We supply ColoDan to universities and hospitals studying the effect on the stomach/intestines and on the immune system.

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