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Lisbeth Jensen, Erslev
“I am so pleased with SylliFlor, as it keeps my stomach in order. I have very long intestines, and this is the product that has been most effective, thank you.”

Linda Fogsgaard
“I have just been on vacation and I took some sachets with me (one for each day). It is wonderful to be able to take a sachet with me for my yoghurt, when going to the hotel’s restaurant. I suggest that you market these sachets as the holiday stomachs’ indispensable friends, so everyone, who goes on holiday, can keep their bowels moving and at the same time avoid transporting a large tin and having to measure. I am going on holiday again in July and will take 10 sachets of Apple & cinnamon with me.”

Jette, HR-consultant
“I have had problems with my stomach for several years, even though I eat a healthy and coarse diet with vegetables and exercise a lot. These stomach problems led me to having a bowel examination. Fortunately, there was nothing wrong with my bowels, but I was told that Psyllium husks might help me. I have taken them before, but I was not too keen on the consistency. So it was with some suspense that I received the samples of SylliFlor. I must say that I certainly had a very positive experience. The fact that the product is crispy makes a huge difference. In my opinion, SylliFlor with vanilla tastes best, but the other two variants also taste good. I think it is fine to change the taste sometimes. I now take SylliFlor every morning on yoghurt and it has really helped my stomach. If I skip my yoghurt one morning, well then I just take 2 teaspoons of SylliFlor in a glass of juice. It is no problem for me to drink it. It is important to drink plenty of liquid (water) afterwards. I am also very pleased with the sachets, as they make it easy to have SylliFlor with me in my suitcase, when I shift workplaces.”

Charlotte Hjerrild
“I have now bought SylliFlor from you a few times, and I would just like to say that I am extremely satisfied with your service! It is the best, I have experienced on the net, and I will certainly recommend you to others!”

Lena Rolle, Horsens
“In my opinion, SylliFlor Malt is a clear winner among the 3 variants. The runner up is SylliFlor Vanilla and SylliFlor Plain comes in last, but is still interesting, because it is crunchy.”

Eva, retired
“Thank you for the samples you sent me. All of them were tasty. I prefer the Vanilla taste; however, the best part is: their effect is just as you promised.”

Lene Thomsen, Frederikshavn
”A good and lovely product, easy and pleasant to use and “swallow”. It is much better than my usual product. The third day, I took them, I felt a good effect of the product.”

Cindy Dreier, Århus
”I have now tasted the samples and my favourite is without doubt the one with vanilla. It tastes really good, when used as muesli on yoghurt. I am quite ready to try to include SylliFlor in my daily routines.”

Ulla, Nyborg
”After having tasted samples of all SylliFlor variants, I have become quite fond of SylliFlor Malt with yoghurt. I have already recommended the product to others, who suffer from the same problems, I have.”

Jette Hansen, Aarhus
”SylliFlor is a super product. I will surely continue to eat SylliFlor, as it has helped my stomach a lot.”

Laila Hansen, Gesten
”I am very fond of SylliFlor with malt, as it tastes good and keeps my stomach in order. I highly recommend this product to others. I eat it on my Greek yoghurt or similar milk products every morning.”

Tove Hansen, aged 62, retired, Glamsbjerg
”I can only recommend SylliFlor, which has solved my daily diarrhea problems. It is not hard to take and the fibres make me feel nice and full for a longer period than before. I have eaten SylliFlor as a topping on my yoghurt every morning for the past six months. My favourite taste is malt – it just tastes so good.”

Charlotte, aged 36
”For several years I have had problems with my digestion and I have been cautious with what I have eat. I eat many fibres already, so I didn’t consider fibres as a solution to my problem. However, my usual problems eased off considerably, when I started eating SylliFlor®. I normally favour a varied diet without too much food supplement, but this is a completely natural product. It is easy to take and has a good effect on me.”

Anne, aged 39, Copenhagen
”The effect is just as good as it is with other fibre products. But the taste – malt especially – is much better.”

Dorte Yde, Master of Arts, Copenhagen
”SylliFlor has become a permanent item in my daily life. I eat SylliFlor every morning as a topping on Fromage Frais and yoghurt. This is because it tastes good and gives a sense of fullness, which is essential, as I am trying to lose weight.”

Line Pedersen, Horse masseur
”I am very pleased with SylliFlor. It has helped my stomach and improved my daily life. It has a fine taste and it is nice and crispy. And then it is easy to use, which I find pleasant when comparing with the other products, I’ve previously used.”

Henning, retired
”I had a cancer operation in my intestines in 2002. Subsequently, I had many problems with my bowel function. Before I started taking SylliFlor from Biodane Pharma, my stomach controlled my social activities. Now, I’m the one in control of both my stomach and my social life. Actually, I would go so far as to say that SylliFlor has changed my life.”

Per, receptionist, Copenhagen
”Before I started eating SylliFlor in the morning, I often had problems with constipation. Especially during the night it was very unpleasant, because I would always feel constipated and it was difficult for me to fall asleep. This has completely changed, now that I have started to eat SylliFlor every day.”

Anonymous user from Jutland
”Before, I had to go to the toilet 8 times a day. This had a great influence on the quality of my life. Now, I only have to go 3 – 4 times a day and I have no unfortunate occurences. I have had SylliFlor with me on my vacations and it has been fantastic.”

Mrs. Olesen, aged 88, Vejle
”I take a big teaspoon of SylliFlor every morning with a large glass of water. This has helped me immensely. I used to have stomach aches and nasty pains about 10 times a day. Now this only happens about once. If I forget to take it, it really affects me in the afternoon. Then I quickly take some. It is so easy to take.”

Mie Jensen, aged 67
”SylliFlor was with me on my trip to Thailand. It is easy to eat, it does not stick to the palate and it has the intended effect. I highly recommend it.”

Jonna, aged 58
”I am positively amazed at how easy it is to take SylliFlor. I tried a similar product before, which was difficult for me to swallow. I can drink and eat SylliFlor as a topping, or take as it is with a glass of water afterwards – and then it helps! At first, I preferred the vanilla taste, but now I think, maybe malt is the best. It is nice that there are different tastes to choose from.”

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