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Colostrum – Nature’s Superfood
Colostrum is the first milk produced by all mammals. It is a natural food, a whole food. For Thousands of years, bovine colostrum has been used to support the health and development of children, the elderly and the sick in many cultures. Colostrum helps and supports our microbiome in the gut. This has a regulatory effect on our overall health and wellbeing.

A cow produces more than twice the amount needed, therefore only the surplus is available for human use.

Colostrum contains more than hundred bioactive components and it is likely that some effects are caused by interaction therefore make sure you choose a WHOLE colostrum product that contains ALL the natural components of colostrum. ColoDan® colostrum from Biodane Pharma is just an example. It contains 100% colostrum, nothing has been added, nothing has been removed. It has a delicious taste as well! So easy to mix into your smoothies, drinks or simply stirred into water. Please do not use hot drinks on colostrum in order to preserve its nutrients. ColoDan® colostrum can be taken daily to support the immune system, or after exercise to support recovery.

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