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Colostrum - Nature’s Superfood

What is colostrum?
Colostrum is an interesting product – provided by nature to be a Superfood. Some of you may not know what colostrum is. Nevertheless, we actually all had it for our very first meal. It is the first milk a mammal produces. Packed with nutrients, immune factors and all sorts of bioactive substances it is designed to protect the newborn from infections, and “turn-on” the immune system.

A new health product from ancient times
For thousands of years humans of various cultures have used colostrum as a natural health remedy. They knew from experience, that colostrum was good for the young and that it could be of benefit to the sick and the elderly. However, in modern times, the use of colostrum has more or less disappeared because fresh colostrum spoil very easily. But as researchers are “rediscovering” the potential health effects of colostrum, ways to transform fresh cow’s colostrum into a long-lasting powder has been invented. Today, high quality colostrum powder is available on the market. ColoDan Whole Colostrum is an example of a premium colostrum powder with a natural composition and a delicious taste.

Why cow’s colostrum is of interest to humans
You might ask: “How can a product intended for a newborn calf be of benefit to me? And what about the calf, doesn’t it need the colostrum for itself?” Yes! The calf needs colostrum for the immune function, and it always gets what it needs. The cow produces more than twice the amount needed, therefore the surplus is available for human use. This is interesting because bovine colostrum is very similar to human colostrum, and actually more concentrated in antibodies, immune factors, antimicrobial peptides and other bioactive substances with a lot of potential health benefits.

What are the health benefits of colostrum?
Well, colostrum powder is in fact one of the most researched food for digestive support and immune support.

Research suggest that colostrum can restore a leaky gut lining to normal levels. This of course could be crucial for anyone suffering with allergies and / or autoimmune conditions. Also, the immunoglobulins in colostrum can help combat gut infections. It may also protect the gut against damage from certain medications and reduce gut inflammation making it potentially beneficial for inflammatory bowel conditions.

Colostrum also provides secretory IgA which may be one of the reasons it can help reduce the risk of respiratory infections. SIgA can be depressed due to chronic stress so if you take colostrum on a regular basis it may benefit your overall health and immune system.

It really makes sense, that gut health and immunity are related. Today we know that more than 70% of the immune system is located in the gut. And there is a growing appreciation of the gut as key to health. That is why colostrum is researched as a new Superfood.

Quality is crucial
Please remember that quality is crucial. Colostrum contains more than hundred bioactive components, and it is likely that some effects are caused by interaction. Therefore, make sure you choose a Whole Colostrum product that contains ALL the natural components of colostrum. ColoDan Whole Colostrum from Biodane Pharma is is just an example of one. It contains 100% colostrum. Nothing has been added – and nothing has been removed. It has a delicious taste too, so it is easy to mix it into your drinks and smoothies as part of your daily diet. Please do not use hot drinks on colostrum in order to preserve its nutrients.

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