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High quality colostrum - developed and produced in Denmark – at the company’s own dairy
The ColoDan product series is a protein powder made from Danish colostrum with a guaranteed high content of nutrients and free of antibiotic residue.

Biodane Pharma A/S produces colostrum at its own dairy and controls the entire production chain, from the milk supplier to the pre-packed and quality accredited protein powder.

Bovine colostrum – also called raw milk – is the first milk a cow produces during the 24 hours after calving.
Contrary to the human child, a calf is born without an immune defence system and is dependable upon additional immune substances and antimicrobial substances in the first hours after birth. These are supplied from the calf's first meal.
As well as a high nutrient content, colostrum contains a large range of bioactive substances that are important for the growth of the calf and the development of the immune defence system in the stomach and intestines.

Biodane Pharma has a close collaboration with a number of local dairy farmers and uses their surplus colostrum to produce a valuable food supplement. The first 4 litres of colostrum are given to the calf, as it is crucial for the calf’s survival. Only surplus colostrum from the first two milkings (not later than 24 hours after calving) is supplied to Biodane Pharma, ensuring a high quality of immunoglobulins, growth factors and antimicrobial substances.

Making colostrum powder

Colostrum powder is gently processed by heating and drying to turn the liquid into powder. This production is carried out under
very strict hygiene criteria and quality standards ensuring that the colostrum maintains its bioactive substances, a high microbial standard, and is guaranteed free of antibiotic residue.
  • No additives or processing aids are used.
  • Differs from other products on the market (such as tablets, capsules and non-fat, concentrated powders). 
  • A natural composition equal to the original colostrum.
Research on active substances
Studies have shown that active substances in bovine colostrum are bioidentical to those of human colostrum. This knowledge has initiated a massive interest in reserach of potential health benefits. Most of the ongoing research focus on gatsrointestinal health and immune defense. However, further knowledge is needed for documentation of the beneficial effects of colostrum as a food supplement.

Professionals can read more about colostrum research here

It is the goal of Biodane Pharma to participate actively in research projects, which may provide documentation for the health promoting effects of colostrum.

ColoDan is a registered trademark in Denmark.
ColoDan is covered by patent No. PCT-EP 1931216

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